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Best way to talk to kids about divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Blog, Divorce, Family Law

When a couple in Georgia files for divorce, the impact might be harder on the children than it is on the adults. While adults are old enough to know what’s going on, a child might be too young to understand the situation. They may think that their parents simply stopped loving each other or blame one parent for causing the divorce. Talking about divorce with your kids is never easy, but here are a few tips on making the process easier on everyone.

How can you talk about divorce with your kids?

When you talk about divorce with your kids, never blame the other parent for the divorce. On a similar note, never place your kids in the middle of the situation or make them feel like they have to choose between the two of you. You might have conflicts with your former spouse, but your children still deserve to have a healthy, positive relationship with both parents. Additionally, if you force them to choose between their parents, they might feel anxiety and guilt.

If you have trouble co-parenting with your former spouse, you can talk to an attorney who works in family law. Your attorney may help you maintain contact with your former spouse so that your children can stay in touch with both parents.

You should also regularly make time for your children and encourage them to share their questions and concerns. Your children are going through a lot during this time, and they need to feel like their voices are being heard. Listen to everything they say, even if you feel like it’s childish; they don’t have the ability to look at things from an adult perspective. Show your kids kindness and compassion, and make sure you give them plenty of attention and personal time.

How may an attorney help you protect your kids during a divorce?

Throughout the process, an attorney may help you do what’s best for your children. Since they’re a third party, they may be able to help you negotiate with your former spouse and figure out a way for your children to maintain a relationship with them. Your attorney might also help prevent your spouse from taking your children from you or interfering with your relationship.

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