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Legal custody and physical custody in Georgia

Obtaining child custody in Georgia may constitute an exhausting process. Testimonies and allegations may infiltrate divorce proceedings, and unexpected outcomes may ensue.

Understanding the differences in awarded custody may clearly prepare you for all possibilities during your divorce. You may feel confident in knowing the types of custody as well as the various elements of Georgia divorce law.

Atlanta officer charged with manslaughter after shooting

Facing criminal charges is a difficult predicament to be in, especially when you are in a career that is in public safety. While anyone could be charged with a criminal offense, when a police officer is accused of a serious offense, this could significantly harm his or her personal and professional life on top of facing severe criminal penalties.

This is what an Atlanta police officer is currently dealing with. The young, male, white officer was charged with manslaughter following a fatal shooting of a black man. The officer has been active on the job for only a year and a half; however, he has already endured a suspension for behaviors such as using his personal vehicle in a high-speed chase and parking his personal vehicle outside the home of a black man that complained to authorities.

Here's how you can collect overdue child support in Georgia

The Facebook page for the Gwinnett County, Georgia, sheriff's department contained a message recently that started out the way so many do coming from law enforcement.

The department shared it was looking for a 40-year-old man who was accused of violating probation.

What factors influence the length of a divorce?

You have decided to file for divorce from your spouse, and you are wondering just how long your divorce will take. Obtaining a divorce is rarely as simple as filing some paperwork. For most couples, it is a complex and time-consuming process.

In Georgia, a divorce can take anywhere from a few weeks to several years. While every divorce is different, there are a few major factors that you can examine to get a better idea of how long it will take to get a divorce.

Definition of assault and battery in Georgia

Whether it is a family member, a close friend, an acquaintance or a stranger, being accused of committing a violent crime against another is a serious situation for residents in Georgia and elsewhere. Charges stemming from a supposed assault and battery can put the accused in hot water, as these charges can carry with them serious penalties.

According to Georgia law, statutes concerning assault also refer to battery as well. However, both crimes are broken down into two different degrees. There is simple and aggravated. With regards to simple assault, this occurs when the accused attempts to commit a violent injury on another person or puts that person in a situation where it is reasonable to believe that he or she will be injured in such a way. For this crime to occur no physical touching is necessary and words can be enough.

When it comes to Georgia traffic infractions, the points add up

That light was a stale yellow before you entered the intersection, but you floored the gas pedal and thought you could make it through the intersection before the light turned red. Then, you see the red lights behind you, signaling for you to pull over.

You just got ticketed for running a red light. That's three points on your driver's record in Georgia. You're mad at yourself, but there's nothing you can do about it now. You forget about it and drive on.

Four important things to know and do before your custody hearing

If you and your ex-spouse are not able to come to an agreement regarding custody of your children, you will both be required to attend a custody hearing. At this hearing, a judge will determine custody for your children.

You will want to prove to the court that you are the best choice when it comes to custody. Here are some things you should know – and do – before the hearing.

Helping you initiate a strong criminal defense

We all feel helpless at some point. When accused of a criminal offense, defendants likely believe that they do not have much of a chance to prove their innocence. They see the evidence piling up against them, they were initially taken into custody and he or she is led to believe that they must suffer the consequences of the alleged crime. However, this is not the truth. A defendant has the ability and the right to assert a criminal defense. Taking such a step could help prove one's innocence.

Getting criminal charges dismissed or reduced is not an easy process. One must establish ways to disprove the elements of the crime, helping to poke holes in the prosecution's case. Defendants in Georgia and elsewhere might assert that there was an unlawful search and seizure or an illegal arrest. No matter what defense route you take, it is important to have a legal team on your side.

What types of damages could car accident victims recover?

In the aftermath of any Georgia car accident, physical injuries typically require the most immediate attention. People might have back pain, broken bones, brain trauma and serious lacerations that take priority. 

However, while these and other physical injuries certainly warrant immediate attention, they are not the only types of damages people experience in a serious motor vehicle accident. Below, we explain the various damages accident victims often suffer and discuss why it is important not to minimize any consequences that follow a crash.

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