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Grounds for divorce in Georgia: Filing fault or no-fault divorce

After years of marriage, you and your spouse no longer can salvage your relationship. Due to various relationship problems, you determine that you should file divorce. You believe your children, your health and your spouse's well-being will all benefit from separation.

Georgia DUI penalties are tough -- and get tougher

You're driving along the road, heading home after a night out with friends, and you see the red lights in the mirror.

Uh-oh. You've been pulled over, suspected of drunk driving. Your trip through the legal system is just beginning, and it starts by learning two separate, but equally serious, terms: DUI and DUI per se.

Child support guidelines in Georgia

Divorce includes many decisions. And when parents decide to part ways, they need to consider the financial wellbeing of the child. In other words, parents need to address the often difficult topic of child support. For some divorcing parents, this is an easy family law matter to tackle; however, others cringe at the idea of being required to pay weekly or monthly payments to an ex to provide for his or her child. At the end of the day, child support is designed to provide financial support for a child, which is based on the incomes of the parent and any custody arrangement in place.

In the state of Georgia, when child support is requested, guidelines are used to determine the amount a noncustodial parent is required to pay on a weekly or monthly basis. The state of Georgia requires that a child receives adequate support and even asserts that a parent cannot waive the right to receive child support because it is the right of the child to obtain this financial support.

Guiding you through family law matters to reach a resolution

When it comes to divorce, family law matters can generate the most emotions. Not only can they be challenging issues to work through, but they can also be emotionally taxing. Whether you are fighting for support or the ability to visit a child, spouses in Georgia and elsewhere should understand how best to navigate these matters so they can reach an optimal outcome.

When family law disputes arise, it can seem like it will take an eternity to reach a resolution. Because these matters are very crucial and a spouse or a parent tends to stand their ground as a means to ensure they get what they believe they deserve, one can presume they have a long battle ahead of them. At Stahl & Hidir, P.C., our experienced attorneys understand that it doesn't have to be a battle; however, we are prepared to help our clients any way possible to reach a favorable outcome.

Grandparents visitation rights in a Georgia divorce

One of the great joys of a grandparent’s life is to spend time with their grandchildren. It is not always an easy thing to do for some. Distance, schedules or a host of other logistical problems may get in the way. Sometimes the circumstances are even more complicated. Maybe one parent has died and the other parent keeps the child away from the in-laws. What if the grandparents have a falling out with their child and that situation keeps everyone away? Divorce may also keep grandparents from seeing their grandkids.

In Georgia, the law provides that a grandparent can file an action for visitation rights of their grandchild. The grandparents can intervene in actions concerning custody, the divorce of the child’s parents, if the parental rights are terminated or visitation rights of the child. The statute also provides that if a stepparent adopts the child, it would not have an effect on the grandparents’ rights to seek visitation.

Why should a Georgia resident consider a plea bargain?

On television dramas about law firms, trials look so easy. After all, they are all wrapped up – from depositions to testimony to verdict – in 48 minutes.

In real life, though, trials aren't that easy. And they happen way less often than those television shows depict.

How are alimony payments determined?

The challenges that divorce can bring are often enough to deter some couples from going through the process. However, if it is absolutely clear that a marriage can no longer work, there is no stopping the couple from dissolving their marriage. There are many reasons to be concerned about the divorce process, as it is a major step that can create big changes, especially financial changes.

For spouses that do not believe they will be able to afford their single life post-divorce, it might be necessary to seek spousal support. Spouses in Georgia and elsewhere might have stopped working entirely or part-time to care for the family. This alone gives rise to the need to request alimony while he or she returns to the workforce.

Georgia mom killed in car accident, leaves behind 5-year-old

A 26-year-old Georgia woman was killed in a two-car accident, and the driver of the other car is facing several charges related to her death.

The accident occurred June 30 in Newnan, Georgia. The Georgia State Patrol said the accident happened when a black Pontiac sedan driven by a 29-year-old man and a pickup truck driven by the woman collided near Heard Elementary School. That sent the woman's car off the road, where it struck a line of pine trees.

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