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Georgia driver indicted in case of injured 9-year-old girl

A grand jury in DeKalb County, Georgia, has indicted a man who police say was driving a car that crashed into a house, causing significant injuries to a girl playing in the yard.

The 29-year-old driver, who turned himself in a few days after the March 29 crash, was captured on home surveillance video driving the car. The vehicle went airborne before crashing into the private property.

What evidence is needed to prove a forgery charge in Georgia?

You studied photos of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, sketched it and painted your own version. It's a really good likeness of the world's most famous painting –- so good that you hang it over the fireplace of your Georgia home and stun friends who wonder if just maybe you've pulled off a great art heist. A thief you're not, but did you commit forgery by re-creating the work of the Italian master?

Not unless you represent it as a da Vinci and try to sell it. You can enjoy your masterpiece, guilt-free.

Thank millennials for falling divorce rates

Conventional wisdom has long held that half of all marriages end in divorce. Though it was true at one time, studies show that it is not accurate today. The divorce rate is now said to be around 39% here in the United States.

Though you may think this means that more people are staying together, that isn't quite how it is either. The divorce rate is falling partly because fewer people are getting married, and the ones who do make it down the aisle are more likely to stay together. Millennials, long criticized as lazy and entitled, are leading the charge. Researchers say that these new facts can provide valuable information for anyone here in Georgia, and around the nation, who is marrying or splitting up.

How do you know it's time to call it quits on a marriage?

Marriages take all shapes and forms -- and what's right for one couple can be very wrong for another. However, unhappy marriages tend to have the same basic traits in common, no matter what else is going on.

There's no point in staying in a marriage that's doomed to fail eventually. Prolonging the agony doesn't help you -- or your spouse. The kindest thing for everyone is to stop putting energy into something that doesn't work.

Divorce happens for many reasons: Make sure you're ready;.;

The reason that the divorce rate stays so high in the United States is that there are many different reasons that people decide to end their marriages. No two situations are exactly alike. You may feel like your marriage is stable, and it may be for years, but it could fall apart eventually. You need to make sure you're ready if that happens, as it's a complex legal process and you need to protect your future.

To start, let's take a look at some of the main reasons that people split up:

  • They run into problems with money, such as not having enough to pay the bills or having conflicts over different spending habits.
  • One person is not faithful to the marriage and starts a second relationship. In some cases, both people do so.
  • They simply argue too much. All couples argue at times, but when that's the only thing happening, it erodes the marriage.
  • They have trouble with intimacy. It may disappear from the marriage entirely.
  • They change significantly. Young people may see serious personality changes as they grow up. Older couples may see physical changes, like sickness or weight gain.
  • The marriage does not meet their expectations. They want something that the other person is not able to provide or is unwilling to provide.
  • They never really were prepared to be married in the first place. They feel like it was a mistake, or they don't know how to adapt.

Chain reaction accident in Bryan County injures four

Driving in Georgia can be dangerous. The scenic open roads in the heartland can invite speedy driving, and there are more devices that can distract drivers than ever before. Often, drivers in a rush are not leaving the proper distance between them and vehicles in front of them.

The Georgia State Patrol is investigating an accident involving five vehicles and injuring at least four people. The Richmond Hill collision occurred in the middle of the afternoon and backed up traffic southbound on Interstate 95 near Savannah well into the evening.

Informal negotiation process may make divorce easier

You are beyond ready to get divorced so that you can move forward with your life -- apart from your spouse. However, you feel apprehensive about going toe-to-toe with your future ex-spouse at a divorce trial.

The good news is, your divorce process does not necessarily have to be a contentious one. Rather than going through traditional divorce litigation, you and the other party can go through the informal negotiation process to resolve your divorce matters, like property division and alimony. Let's take a glimpse at what informal negotiation involves in the state of Georgia.

Can drivers in Georgia refuse a Breathalyzer test?

If a driver makes some basic mistakes like failing to notice a stop sign or swerving out of a traffic lane, a police officer may suspect that person of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Although that officer has the right to request a driver takes a breath alcohol test, the driver is not required to give it under Georgia law.

How do we know about the consequences of refusing a breath test?

Georgia family injured, unborn child dies in wrong-way crash

A young Georgia husband and wife are mourning the loss of their unborn child as they try to recover from a crash with a wrong-way driver.

The accident occurred one recent Sunday night on Winder Highway in Dacula, Georgia. Police said a Nissan Titan pickup truck driven by a 37-year-old man was traveling in the southbound lanes, then crossed the double-yellow lines into the northbound lanes. After side-swiping another vehicle, the pickup truck ran head-on into a Toyota 4 Runner.

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