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Unhealthy co-parenting during divorce makes things harder

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2020 | Family Law

Couples in the middle of divorce are already going through a lot of challenges figuring out how to split assets, property and other key financial considerations. If it’s an acrimonious divorce, there are going to be a lot of disagreements. That acrimony shouldn’t extend to the children, but unfortunately, many couples make divorce much worse on their children by including them in their disagreements. The following are some of the ways that parents should avoid for their children’s welfare during divorce.

Allowing one parent to be the mean one

If one parent leaves all of the disciplining to the other parent, the other parent ends up looking like the bad guy. This makes it unfair, and it can lead to a lot of resentment not only between the parents but between the kids and their parents.

Ignoring the other parent’s rules

When children visit one parent, that parent should not ignore the rules and codes of behavior set up by the other parent. This will only end up confusing the children since they have one set of rules at one house and one set of rules at the other.

Denying obvious problems with the children

Children may act out during a divorce. Sometimes, one parent will express frustration that the kids are being difficult. The other parent might falsely claim that the children are perfect angels with them. This doesn’t serve anyone well since it’s the child who ends up suffering the most. They’re not getting the help they need.

Working with family law attorneys who have experience handling the types of sensitive issues that come up in divorce may make things easier for couples and families. Legal professionals may be able to help divorcing parents achieve a more peaceful outcome.