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Planning a joint parenting schedule that works

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2020 | Divorce

Divorcing couples in Georgia can help their children adjust to life with separated parents by taking the time to create a joint custody parenting schedule. This schedule leaves no question as to the division of parenting chores and demonstrates that parents will work together for the benefit of the children.

Parents going through divorce have many things to consider when devising a co-parenting schedule. A few considerations include the needs of the children, parental commitments and logistics. Both parties should show empathy and consideration while working together on the schedule.

The children are always the first consideration. Parents should take a moment to understand how the children must feel having to travel between households to spend time with the people they love the most. The schedule should seek to make the disruptions to their life as minimal as possible. Co-parents who plan to share a large part of the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for a child should live close enough to each other so that transportation is not too big of a burden.

When the children are younger and both parents work, a daycare provider is needed that both parents trust. It is best to keep a familiar babysitter if the child has one already. This action will help to minimize the life disruptions for the child.

Things like the extracurricular activities in which children participate and seasonal activities they enjoy all become relevant when devising a joint parenting schedule. A co-parenting schedule should not require a child to discontinue an activity they love for the convenience of the parents.

It can help to allow children to have input in the scheduling process if they are old enough to provide it. Even if the child is overruled on a point or two, they will appreciate having their voice heard.

Divorce is not easy for anyone, especially children who will suddenly be without both parents under one roof. Individuals concerned with the divorce process or who have questions regarding the custody of children following a divorce may receive the answers they are searching for by speaking with a divorce attorney.