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How to maintain respect during the divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2020 | Blog, Divorce, Family Law

A spouse’s actions and words toward the other spouse during the divorce can help set the tone for how the matter will be resolved. If they take the high road and do not let themselves get dragged into conflict, there is more of a chance that the divorce can be amicable and no litigation will be necessary.

This all starts with respect toward the other spouse. Maintaining a professional tone is a must no matter the circumstances of the divorce. Some bitter arguments are provoked simply out of pride because one spouse feels slighted by the other. If there are children, parents need to be transparent when it comes to communicating about them and always try to give the other spouse the flexibility to make schedule changes without too much fanfare.

Another way to stay out of fights is to make sure to choose battles wisely. This means not engaging in conflict unless it is absolutely necessary because some battles are simply not worth the financial or emotional toll that they impose. For example, it may be best to concede as opposed to spending more than the value of something in attorney’s fees to argue over it in court. This will only invoke the familiar maxim of winning the battle at the cost of losing the war. Hostility will breed a poor post-divorce relationship.

A family law attorney might be able to instill a sense of perspective in their client to know when to walk away from a fight and how to maintain proper communication. A spouse should not be concerned about losing face or even worry about their pride in a divorce. The attorney may help lower the tension level between the parties by advising their client on how to stay out of conflict while working toward their ideal outcome.

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