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Alternating weeks may not be best for the children

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Child Custody

In Georgia, many people going through a divorce stick with the usual method of dividing custody evenly, opting to alternate weeks between the parents’ homes. However, experts are beginning to advise that the solution may not work best for your children as there are negative impacts on them. Accordingly, you should be flexible when it comes to considering different ways of splitting time.

When your children are in the midst of a divorce, they are already experiencing upheaval and a change to their way of life. They are used to being with both of their parents together. When they are forced to spend an entire week apart from one parent, it can have negative emotional effects on them. It could cause them to develop separation anxiety.

At the same time, having the children for an entire week can cause strain on you and your schedule. It may be difficult to get the flexibility that you need from work for an entire week straight in order to be able to make the proper arrangements for the children. In addition, you may need to speak to the other parent frequently during that week which can be challenging if you do not have a good relationship. You should consider a schedule that keeps the children with each parent for a few days at a time so it is easier on the children psychologically.

This type of child custody schedule could require some negotiations between you and the other parent. A family law attorney may have ideas for how you can implement a 50-50 schedule in a way that minimizes the burden on the children. Then, they could work with the other parent’s lawyer to devise a schedule that works for everyone involved. If there is no agreement to be had, then the attorney might present the case to the judge for the court’s decision.