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How are alimony payments determined?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Family Law

The challenges that divorce can bring are often enough to deter some couples from going through the process. However, if it is absolutely clear that a marriage can no longer work, there is no stopping the couple from dissolving their marriage. There are many reasons to be concerned about the divorce process, as it is a major step that can create big changes, especially financial changes.

For spouses that do not believe they will be able to afford their single life post-divorce, it might be necessary to seek spousal support. Spouses in Georgia and elsewhere might have stopped working entirely or part-time to care for the family. This alone gives rise to the need to request alimony while he or she returns to the workforce.

How are alimony payments determined? There are various factors used to help judges determine what amount would be appropriate to set for alimony payments. This includes the age, physical condition, emotional state and financial condition of both spouses, the time it should take to obtain education or training to become self-sufficient, the standard of living during the marriage, the length of the marriage and the ability of the payer spouse to support the recipient spouse and being able to support him or herself.

These factors provide a way to reach a hard estimate; however, there is no guarantee that this is enough or too much. Nonetheless, it should be noted that there are ways to modify these payments, enforce them and even terminate them. Therefore, it is vital to understand the role alimony might play in your divorce and what your rights are to recover these payments.