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Shared parenting: Is it really better for children?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2017 | Child Custody

When parents divorce or separate, it is often the youngest members of the family who suffer the most. In order to alleviate unnecessary suffering and emotional trauma, some Georgia parents choose to share parenting responsibilities through joint custody or a co-parenting plan.

Co-parenting or joint custody is not the best choice for every family, but it could provide stability and security for your children during a very difficult time. If you believe that you and your spouse are capable of working together as partners and co-parents, you may find that this type of custody arrangement is suitable for your situation.

The benefits for the children

There are many reasons why families choose to co-parent their children or share joint custody, and many of them involve the benefits that this choice provides for their kids, which include:

  • Children with strong relationships with both parents are happier, healthier and do better in school.
  • The children are more likely to have financial and emotional support from both parents.
  • The children are able to see their parents set aside their disagreements and move forward together.

It can be hard to discuss parenting plans and custody rights with a soon-to-be ex-spouse, but you and the other parent may find success with this approach by keeping your eyes on the main priority, which is protecting the best interests of the kids above all else

The benefits for the parents

Children are not the only ones who benefit when parents agree to co-parent or share joint custody. The parents can also enjoy the following benefits:

  • This type of arrangement allows for more control over the final divorce order.
  • Parents may be able to avoid litigation and reduce costs by working on an agreement outside of court.
  • Both parents can be sure of the protection of their parental rights while still keeping the interests of the kids first.

No one knows your child like you do. When you agree to work together on a co-parenting or joint custody plan out of court, you can be certain that any unique issues pertaining to your children are specifically and effectively addressed.

Not every divorce has to end in a stressful court battle. By opting to work together on a custody plan and share the responsibilities that come with raising children, you and your spouse can find a better, more effective way to parent and partner together after divorce.