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Child support guidelines in Georgia

Divorce includes many decisions. And when parents decide to part ways, they need to consider the financial wellbeing of the child. In other words, parents need to address the often difficult topic of child support. For some divorcing parents, this is an easy family law matter to tackle; however, others cringe at the idea of being required to pay weekly or monthly payments to an ex to provide for his or her child. At the end of the day, child support is designed to provide financial support for a child, which is based on the incomes of the parent and any custody arrangement in place.

Guiding you through family law matters to reach a resolution

When it comes to divorce, family law matters can generate the most emotions. Not only can they be challenging issues to work through, but they can also be emotionally taxing. Whether you are fighting for support or the ability to visit a child, spouses in Georgia and elsewhere should understand how best to navigate these matters so they can reach an optimal outcome.

How are alimony payments determined?

The challenges that divorce can bring are often enough to deter some couples from going through the process. However, if it is absolutely clear that a marriage can no longer work, there is no stopping the couple from dissolving their marriage. There are many reasons to be concerned about the divorce process, as it is a major step that can create big changes, especially financial changes.

Will the future involve service of process through social media?

A key part of initiating a divorce involves serving your soon-to-be ex-spouse with a summons and petition for marital dissolution. Most of the time this is a routine process that is carried out by a process server or the sheriff. However, it can be challenging when the person to be served intentionally makes him or herself unavailable.

Addictions complicate child custody ruling

It is not uncommon for marriages to end because one spouse has a chemical dependency. Addiction puts a financial strain on a family, erodes trust and may be the source of physical abuse or neglect. Whether your spouse is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may have grave concerns about his or her ability to share custody of your child.

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