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Truck driver fatigue can cause accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many drivers in Georgia and across the United States are aware about the risks of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, unsafe driving is often the result of fatigued driving. Because of their long commute times and tight deadlines, truck drivers sometimes drive while drowsy. The extra weight of large commercial trucks can increase the risk of serious injury or fatality.

All too often, truck drivers feel the need to press on through their fatigue to deliver their loads on time. Tractor-trailer drivers need to be more aware about how driver fatigue can lead to major accidents. Without increased awareness, truck drivers may be liable for any accidents or injuries they cause.

Driver fatigue can be caused by getting behind the wheel without sleeping enough. Driving for extended periods of time without taking frequent breaks can also lead to increased drowsiness. Other factors can increase the odds of fatigued driving. Truck drivers who are required to work irregular shifts might find it difficult to adapt to changing schedules, resulting in an interruption of sleep patterns. Inebriation due to drug or alcohol use or medications that cause side effects can put drivers at a greater risk of an accident.

No matter the cause, fatigued driving can quickly cause issues. Sleepy drivers may be unable to control their vehicles properly. Truck drivers who feel drowsy may also find it incredibly difficult to pay attention to the road. Driving during inclement weather such as heavy rain or icy conditions can further magnify the risk of a serious accident.

Getting involved in a collision with a large truck can lead to serious injuries, expensive medical bills, lost wages due to the inability to work and more. If you become injured in an accident, an attorney with experience in motor vehicle accidents may be able to assist you in pursuing compensation.

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