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Tips for a good co-parenting relationship

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Blog, Child Custody

Parents in Georgia going through a divorce may be having a hard time keeping it civil with their estranged spouses. While it is normal to feel a range of emotions when going through a separation, it is important to keep those feelings in check when children are around. Not bad-mouthing a child’s other parent is one of a few rules that parents can follow to make the separation process an easier transition on children.

Find the best method of communication

Some parents may be so sick of each other by the time they split that they do not even want to speak to each other. Though parents should try to get to a place where they can communicate regularly for their children’s sake, there are ways to communicate that do not involve speaking on the phone. For instance, parents can create a joint schedule online that either parent can modify, and parents can text with each other about any changes.

Coming up with a custody schedule early on

As soon as parents physically separate, it is a good idea to get a detailed child custody schedule in place. This means not only planning custody from week to week but also planning for things like illness and holidays. For certain holidays, like a child’s birthday, parents should discuss whether they want to celebrate it together or separately and who will get to celebrate when.

Picking an age-appropriate child custody schedule

If parents are sharing custody over younger children, it is a good idea to rotate custody every few days so that the child does not develop separation anxiety. As children get older, custody plans can develop so that there are fewer trade-offs between parents. Besides age, parents making a custody schedule should consider things like career obligations, a child’s extracurricular activities, and childcare, to name a few.

It is often a challenge to figure out a co-parenting plan while going through a separation, especially if you have no assistance. A family law attorney can guide you and represent your interest in discussions with your ex about custody.

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