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Your job could depend on attorney’s help after a DUI arrest

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2018 | Dui & Traffic Offenses

When you’re pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving and hauled to a Georgia jail, you likely can’t ponder all the potential ramifications. Once your thoughts get past how to tell your parents or significant other about your arrest, your thoughts might turn to your job.

And well they should.

A DUI conviction can have a big impact on your job. Consider the following:

  • Your license is suspended and you can’t get an exemption to drive to or from work. If your job requires you to drive – such as a delivery person – you could lose your job. If you have to rely on public transportation to get to work, you could be late and get fired for your tardiness.
  • Does your company handbook state that you can be fired immediately if convicted of a crime? Your company could have a mandatory firing policy.
  • Will you lose your ability to be insured on your company’s insurance policy should driving be part of your job? Will the company be willing to pay the increased insurance premium that will be required?
  • Do you hold a professional license that could be revoked because of a DUI conviction?
  • How will your employer react if you have to miss work time for court appearances, jail time or mandatory alcohol treatment?
  • Will you have to claim a DUI conviction on a future job application? Many prospective employers will require it.

This is a lot to think about when you’re taken into custody. And it’s also time to call in professional help to preserve your future. A Georgia lawyer who works with DUI cases may help you keep your driving privileges and avoid having a DUI conviction on your record.

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