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On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Criminal Defense

No one expects to face criminal charges. This can be a very overwhelming situation, as no one knows how to act or what to do immediately following an arrest and charges being filed. The evidence that is piling up against an accused offender can make them feel hopeless. However, one should not feel like they have no options, as it is possible to assert a defense when it appears at first that they have little chance of clearing their name.

At Stahl Law Group, P.C., P.C., our legal team understands the importance of taking immediate action after being charged with a crime. Whether this is your first offense or not, it is vital that defendants become fully aware of their situation and what rights are afforded to them. Our law firm is dedicated at helping individuals in the Cartersville area explore their criminal defense options.

For many, when they think about criminal defense strategies, they likely think about going to court. While many cases do go to trial, this is not the only criminal defense option. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the case and the facts of the matter, it is possible to negotiate a deal. A plea bargain could help a defendant face lesser charges or even lesser penalties. However, a plea bargain does mean that the accused will have some form of consequence.

Another option defendants have is to enter a diversion program. These are designed for first time offenders of non-violent crimes. The focus on these programs is to address the underlying cause of the criminal charge, helping the accused rehabilitate. There are stipulations for these programs and offenders typically participate in this program instead of severing jail time.

Finally, defendants could choose to go to court. Various defense strategies could be asserted in the courtroom, and depending on the situation, a defendant could obtain reduced or dismissed charges by suppressing evidence and disproving elements of the crime in question.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s criminal defense website. No matter which defense strategy you choose, our lawyers are here to help our clients understand the pros and cons with any defense route. In order to obtain a favorable outcome, defendants need to be fully informed of their rights and options.

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