Fathers Rights

The ability of fathers to be and remain involved with their children is a legal issue that continues to evolve, because the roles of parents have changed during the last decade or so. The law no longer presumes that the best interests of young children are better served with their mother as the primary physical custodian. Additionally, our legislature and public policy is moving toward both parents having an active role in their children's lives. The court now looks at both parents equally when it determines the best interest of children.

At Stahl & Hidir P.C. we don't believe that fathers should be limited to seeing their children just every other weekend. We don't believe that fathers should be forced to sit on the sidelines as their children grow. We represent many men who are wonderful, involved fathers, passionate about their children, whether those children were born during a marriage or outside of marriage. We stand behind dads who want to be dads, and will guide you through the process; divorce, legitimation, modification of custody or visitation, as well as child support issues. And if it becomes necessary to go to court, we will fight for your right to be the father your children need and deserve. Call us to schedule a consultation.