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Don't let child custody fears delay your divorce

Child custody is usually one of the top priorities for divorcing parents. Deciding how to split custody can be difficult and time consuming, especially during divorce, which is already an emotionally tumultuous time. You may be wondering if you will lose access to your child, or if your new norm will be dealing with unfair schedules that are difficult to manage.

Georgia family law provides guidance, but you still have a certain level of control over the matter. In many cases, parents can reach an agreeable arrangement while working with their respective counsels.

Getting a head start on custody schedules for Thanksgiving

When you began to think ahead to the life you and your children will share after your divorce, you may have had a thousand thoughts running through your mind. Where will they live? Should you sell your Georgia home? Which parent will share each major holiday with the kids? What do you do if a disagreement arises? These pertinent questions may have different answers for every family, depending on factors, such as what caused a divorce in the first place and what's best for the children involved.

You'll probably face several difficult challenges before it's all over and the court hands down its final orders. Before you head to court, however, you may be able to negotiate certain arrangements with your former spouse, eliminating the stress of having to air your differences in court. In fact, when it comes to many of the questions posed earlier in this post, you can come up with your own answers by writing a parenting plan.

Changes in life can bring spark a need to modify a custody order

As a parent, you probably consider the well-being of your children to be imperative. If you and the other parent decided to move in separate directions, chances are you might have sought to reach a child custody agreement with their best interests in mind.

Perhaps you and the other parent came to an acceptable agreement through negotiation. While this arrangement may have worked well in the beginning, a change in circumstances could bring about a need to pursue changes to the current parenting plan.

The basics of child custody in Georgia

Divorce brings with it a variety of issues, from property division to alimony and more. However, for divorcing parents in Georgia, most other aspects tend to pale in comparison to their primary concern:  child custody. Ending a marriage is stressful for everyone but there are added complications when children are involved, with both parents usually wanting what's best for the child but also scared of relinquishing parenting time or parental rights.

If you are in this situation, you may find it useful and reassuring to familiarize yourself with the child custody laws in Georgia so that you feel prepared and know a bit about what to expect, as this aspect of divorce, more than any other, may escalate quickly due to the heightened emotions often involved. Luckily, there are legal professionals who specialize in family law and can offer their guidance and representation.

Distraction is not limited to texting

A long commute can get boring quickly. If you drive the same route every day, you probably find your mind drifting or your attention wandering. To keep yourself occupied, you may turn on the radio or munch on a snack as you drive.

Like many other Georgia drivers, you may not even consider these activities to be forms of distracted driving, but a study by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute showed that many activities can take a driver's attention from the road.

How much of my retirement is actually mine after divorce?

You have worked hard to save for the future and retirement, but the end of your marriage could pose a threat to your hopes for your golden years. If you are thinking of filing for divorce or have already made that decision, you would be wise to take immediate action to understand your rights and how property division works in a Georgia divorce. 

Divorce involves various complex legal and financial decisions, and many divorce issues involve deep emotions as well. Either working on a property division agreement out of court or walking through litigation to reach a final resolution is complicated, and an experienced Georgia lawyer can help you protect your future financial interests, particularly as they involve your retirement savings.

Establishing paternity can involve many complexities

If there is any uncertainty about your rights to visitation or custody of a child, regardless of whether you and the child's mother are married, divorced or unmarried, there are ways to determine paternity. Under different circumstances, you might want to disprove paternity if you believe you should not be responsible for child support, or maybe you are a mother who wants to establish paternity in order to collect child support.

Providing proper care for a child is important, and denying a child the love of both parents is typically not beneficial to the child. However, without a legal document that confirms paternity, dealing with child support, visitation and child custody might always be a contentious issue.

Planning for parenting after your marriage goes south

When a marriage ends, the former couple may have no reason to remain in contact. Divorcing parents, however, continue to have an obligation to their children and will have to learn to work together, regardless of their feelings for each other.

Though maintaining a relationship with your former spouse may not be at the top of your "to-do" list, it is important for the sake of your children to put aside your feelings and do what is best for them. If you are heading to court to settle the custody of your children in Georgia, here are some important facts for you to consider.

Shared parenting: Is it really better for children?

When parents divorce or separate, it is often the youngest members of the family who suffer the most. In order to alleviate unnecessary suffering and emotional trauma, some Georgia parents choose to share parenting responsibilities through joint custody or a co-parenting plan.

Co-parenting or joint custody is not the best choice for every family, but it could provide stability and security for your children during a very difficult time. If you believe that you and your spouse are capable of working together as partners and co-parents, you may find that this type of custody arrangement is suitable for your situation.

Georgia bikers: Your right to share the road

In Georgia, motorcycles have the same rights as other types of vehicles. Unfortunately, either due to blatant disregard for safety or simple ignorance, other drivers do not always safely share the road. As a biker, you know that despite taking every precaution and wearing the appropriate safety gear, you may needlessly suffer due to the actions of another driver.