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Does Georgia recognize separate property?

As you move toward divorce, you may think that everything you own is owned equally by both you and your spouse. However, that's an incorrect assumption in Georgia, which is not a community property state. While you may have an equal claim to some -- but not necessarily all -- of your marital property, you may also own separate property that still belongs to just one person.

Divorce happens for many reasons: Make sure you're ready;.;

The reason that the divorce rate stays so high in the United States is that there are many different reasons that people decide to end their marriages. No two situations are exactly alike. You may feel like your marriage is stable, and it may be for years, but it could fall apart eventually. You need to make sure you're ready if that happens, as it's a complex legal process and you need to protect your future.

Advantages, disadvantages of a kinship adoption in Georgia

In Georgia and around the United States, adoptions occur every day with the hopes of giving a child a safe, secure home and creating a family. They involve children from a variety of situations, such as those from a young mother who wants her child to have a better life than the one she can provide, those from a foreign country, or those who are adopted by a stepparent.

Can a change of income bring a change of child support?

When you got divorced, the Georgia court awarded your ex -- the custodial parent -- what you thought was a fair amount of child support each month. You had a job that paid well, and you wanted your kids to be able to live the same type of life they did when you were a family.

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