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What Are The Penalties For A DUI In Georgia?

If you were arrested for drunk driving, you face a scary and difficult time. You probably have several questions about how this charge will affect you. The attorneys at Stahl Law Group, P.C. understand how you are feeling. We know you want to move forward and get past this. First, it is important to understand the potential penalties you face if convicted.

  • First offense — The consequences of a first offense are a one-year license suspension, a $300 to $1,000 fine, required completion of a DUI program (as well as paying for the cost, which is typically $355), 40 hours of mandatory community service and up to one year in jail. Other costs include a $210 fee to have your license reinstated.
  • Second offense — A second DUI offense within five years of your first could mean a license suspension of 18 months to three years, a $600 to $1,000 fine, a clinical evaluation and possible treatment, a minimum of 48 hours in jail, a possible sentence of 90 days to one year in jail, a minimum of 30 days of community service, a possible interlock ignition device and limited driving permit, as well as the license reinstatement fee and the DUI program and costs.
  • Third offense — Upon conviction of a third offense, you are considered a habitual violator. This status revokes your license for five years and confiscates your license plate. On top of that, the penalties are a $1,000 to $5,000 fine, a minimum of 15 days in jail, at least 30 days of mandatory community service, $410 fee for license reinstatement, the DUI program and costs, clinical evaluation and treatment, a possible interlock ignition device and a limited driving permit after two years. You also must pay for your name, address and photo to be published in the local newspaper.

Three convictions result in a felony DUI charge.

What Is An Ignition Interlock Device?

As part of their sentence for a DUI conviction, some drivers are ordered to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle. This device requires a breath sample before you start your vehicle and at times during your drive. The vehicle will not start if the device senses alcohol on your breath.

Find Out How To Defend Yourself Against A DUI Charge

DUI convictions stay on your driving record for the rest of your life. Along with all of these potential penalties and the impact on your daily life, you also could face an increase in insurance rates.

Stahl Law Group, P.C. can help you determine whether you have a defense for a reduction or even a dismissal. To learn more, call our lawyers in Cartersville at 678-792-4190. If you prefer, send our attorneys an email.