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Domestic Violence Charges Should Be Taken Seriously

A domestic violence conviction can have a devastating impact on your liberty, your relationship with your children, your job, your reputation, and your access to your home. Georgia law enforcement and the judicial system take accusations of domestic abuse very seriously. You could still be processed even if your spouse or significant other decides to withdraw the charges or does not file charges at all.

Depending on your situation, you could face a misdemeanor or felony charge. Regardless of the severity of your charge or the complexity of your situation, I am prepared to thoroughly defend your rights.

A Vigorous Marietta Domestic Abuse Defense Attorney

Drawing on many years of experience, our lawyers are prepared to explain how the justice system works while providing you with the information you need to pursue the best outcome possible.

By interviewing witnesses and carefully examining the circumstances of your unique situation, we will build a strong case to protect your rights. We understand that this is a difficult and daunting situation, and I am committed to providing the representation you deserve.

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