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Chain reaction accident in Bryan County injures four

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving in Georgia can be dangerous. The scenic open roads in the heartland can invite speedy driving, and there are more devices that can distract drivers than ever before. Often, drivers in a rush are not leaving the proper distance between them and vehicles in front of them.

The Georgia State Patrol is investigating an accident involving five vehicles and injuring at least four people. The Richmond Hill collision occurred in the middle of the afternoon and backed up traffic southbound on Interstate 95 near Savannah well into the evening.

Investigators reported that a tractor-trailer came to a stop on the highway and a chain reaction occurred behind it involving another tractor-trailer and three passenger vehicles. The first truck’s driver was not cited for any infraction but the other four vehicles’ drivers were cited for following too close on the interstate.

The consequences of unsafe driving could be disastrous. Rear-end collisions are a leading cause of traffic deaths, with the force of collisions causing traumatic injuries or causing vehicles to catch fire. Drivers should always be vigilant in high-speed traffic, as many others on the road will not be able to react in time to sudden stops.

People injured in motor vehicle accidents for which another driver may be liable to have the right to seek the financial damages they need to get over an unexpected setback. Damages may include reimbursement of medical expenses and compensation for pain and emotional distress experienced during recovery. An attorney may be the best ally for victims and their families by counseling on these options.

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