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Atlanta officer charged with manslaughter after shooting

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges is a difficult predicament to be in, especially when you are in a career that is in public safety. While anyone could be charged with a criminal offense, when a police officer is accused of a serious offense, this could significantly harm his or her personal and professional life on top of facing severe criminal penalties.

This is what an Atlanta police officer is currently dealing with. The young, male, white officer was charged with manslaughter following a fatal shooting of a black man. The officer has been active on the job for only a year and a half; however, he has already endured a suspension for behaviors such as using his personal vehicle in a high-speed chase and parking his personal vehicle outside the home of a black man that complained to authorities.

The manslaughter charges followed a shooting that unfolded after the officer was following a vehicle. The vehicle supposedly stopped at an intersection and the driver and passenger ran. The officer apparently pursued the driver. Allegedly, the officer caught up with the driver, making physical contact with him. However, he got away and fled. At this point, the officer supposedly fired multiple shots, which resulted in the man dying.

When faced with serious charges, such as manslaughter, individuals should be aware of their legal rights and criminal defense options. Taking the time to explore these rights could be very beneficial, as it could help the accused reduce or even dismiss the charges against them.

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