Cartersville Adoption Lawyer

Typically, filing for stepparent or third-party adoption is an exciting and joyous time for a family. The paperwork can be complex and confusing, however, so calling on the guidance of an experienced lawyer will help you work through the process quickly and completely.

I am attorney Christina Stahl, and I have more than 15 years of experience working with parents who are navigating the adoption process. I am familiar not only with stepparent and third-party adoptions, but also with terminating a biological parent's parental rights and working through contested adoptions within Georgia.

A Thorough Contested Adoption and Step Parent Adoption Attorney

Depending on your situation, the process may not seem extremely daunting. However, without a knowledgeable attorney at your side to explain the documents you are signing, you could miss a step that could ultimately result in unwanted and unnecessary complications.

I am determined, regardless of the complexity of your adoption, to help you understand how to sufficiently navigate the paperwork according to Georgia law. In contested adoptions, I am prepared to fight for your case in an effort to help you obtain the outcome that you and your child deserve.

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