Family Law

Georgia Divorce Lawyer

In most family law matters, it is better for your family when you help create the solution and the outcome of your case. By reaching an agreement together, the parties are happier with the outcome. That is why I try to find resolutions before resorting to trial.

If a solution cannot be reached, however, I will go to court and fight hard on your behalf. I am an experienced litigator who will protect your rights. Let's discuss your family law needs and see how I may be able to help your family. Please call or contact me online today.

  • Divorce — This is a combination of complex financial, emotional and legal issues which may include spousal support, division of property and debt, retirement benefits/savings and child custody.
  • Spousal support (alimony) — Georgia does not have statutory guidelines for determining spousal support. It is generally based on the financial needs and abilities of each party. I can help you argue for fair support.
  • Child custody — I can help you write parenting plans and find a solution to legal and physical custody, as well as time shared with the children by the custodial and noncustodial parent.
  • Child support — The state has statutory guidelines for calculating child support. Some factors include the parenting time of each parent, the income of each parent and any special needs of the child.
  • Modification — You can request post-judgment modifications to spousal support orders, child support orders, visitation agreements and custody agreements. You must be able to prove a change in circumstances that justifies the modification.
  • Contempt — I can help you enforce parenting plans, spousal or child support orders and other court orders. If a party does not comply with these orders, we can file contempt charges.
  • Adoption — I represent families in stepparent adoptions and third-party relative adoptions.
  • Paternity/legitimation — I represent fathers and mothers seeking to prove or disprove paternity. Establishing paternity gives a child access to child support and gives the father rights to visitation or custody.

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